Sunday, July 26, 2009

I can't get no...

I have mentioned many times before that I LOVE squirrels.

All my life I've been trying really hard to make friends with them, but it just never works out.

They move so fast and climb so high in the trees that I can't even get close to them.

Here is music video that Sarah and Jason made of me chasing squirrels. See how excited they make me?!?

One time, I lived in a house in Alabama that had hundred-year-old oak trees all around it.

In the Fall, it rained acorns. I would sit on my screen porch and watch the squirrels run around gathering nuts for the winter.

Sometimes I would break out of the porch (bad doggie, I know, but I couldn't resist) and try to catch one of those furry fellas, but they were so much faster than me.

I would wait and wait at the bottom of the tree for them to come down, but they would tease me and jump from tree to tree right above my head. Gosh that made me so crazy!!

I wagged my tail, just like they did, until it was almost bald underneath!

Sometimes I even dream about catching squirrels!

Now, at my house in Oregon, there are a lot of squirrels. I'm still trying to make friends with them, but I'm not having any luck!

I just wanna play with them. Maybe a little chasin' and then some snugglin'.

But I just can't get no...satisfaction (or squirrels).

I hope you catch whatever you dream about!