Thursday, May 14, 2009

Since I turned 10

Wow! So much has happened since I turned 10 last month, I don't even know where to start!

I've been on tons of car rides. I love being the lookout dog!

My friend Trill came over and we played in the yard. Isn't he handsome?

Then I got a professional haircut, not a mutt cut like last time.

Here is a before picture.

And here is an after picture.

I can actually see again! The hair was so long, it was curling into my mouth and choking me and also hanging in front of my eyes. This is much better.

They trimmed my ears up pretty good. Now they look like radar detectors.

The weather has been getting nicer here in Portland, so we have been sitting outside a lot more.

I like the sun, but sometimes it burns my sensitive skin so I try to stay at least partially covered.

Here I am hiding under Sarah's chair. I don't want to get wrinkles from the sun! I have to be careful of these things now that I'm up there in double digits.

We also had central A/C installed. It was a pretty big production.

I'm so happy because it's not healthy for me to get really hot in the house while no one is home during the day.

Our landlord is so nice t0 us. He even planted a maple tree that he grew himself in our backyard.

I can't wait for it to get big enough to have squirrels in it. We named it Mabel the maple tree.

Sheesh, that's a lot of stuff to tell about. I think it's time for a nap in one of my favorite napping spots -- JB's office/music room.

I love all my cushions.

See you again soon and don't be a stranger!