Sunday, April 12, 2009

Birthday Ball

I had an amazing 10th birthday! Over the weekend, Jason and Sarah took me to PetSmart and they let me pick out a new toy. I was so excited to go shopping. Look how fast my tail was wagging!

I REALLY liked the birdies and wished I could've have taken one of those home to play with, but they thought I might be too ruff with it. They were probably right. So instead of a birdie, I got this great ball.

I had a purple one just like it for the last 3 YEARS! I have had so many great times with it, but now it's all chewed up and kind of nasty and the rope comes out.

But this new red one makes me CRAZY!

I LOVE to lick it and slobber all over it!

I played with the ball SO much, Sarah and Jason had to put it up until I could get control of myself.

So I just chilled out on the porch and dreamed about my ball and playing with it MORE the next day.

Then for my birthday dinner, they had sushi and I had EDAMAME.

I LOVE edamame (the beans not the husks). Soybeans are really good for doggies as long as they don't have any seasoning on them (the internet told me so). Look at me catch them in the air!

This is the ONLY trick that I do (like I've said before, I'm no circus dog). But Sarah and Jason think it is so funny that they'll give me extra treats if I catch them in the air, so I humor them.

We ended the weekend with Jason playing his guitar and singing birthday songs to me in the sunshine.

I couldn't have asked for a better birthday!

All in all, I had a BALL!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Clancy!!

Yesterday, April 2, was Clancy's 10th birthday!!

We are planning a big party for him this weekend including extra treats, lots of playing ball, and maybe some other special surprises. Maybe we'll even take him to PetSmart and let him pick out his own gift. I have a hunch it'll be a HIPPO!



*Party pictures to come*